Why we built coreGIVING

Our work over the years with many non-profit organizations has revealed a common challenge. While a non-profit's mission can be clear and focused, the software available to manage that mission is complicated and disintegrated. Non-profits end up spending too much of their donor money and too much of their staff and volunteer time on contact and website management.

coreGIVING is a seamlessly integrated set of web-based programs for managing donors, contacts, websites, online forms and more. Tasks currently delegated to multiple subscription based platforms can all be done in coreGIVING. Manage your website content, launch new fund-raising projects, download or print reports, track contact events, even review school applications, all from the same platform.

Teams can start using coreGIVING right out of the box, no programming required. But if your organization has custom needs, your developers can build any type of web-based application on top of Coreware. Need new database tables? Use Coreware's database programs to quickly define and build tables. Need a custom API for your mobile apps? Simply extend Coreware's built in API. Coreware handles all of the heavy lifting required of any web-based application, including granular user access, data security, and PCI compliance. We even have a developer's guide to jump-start your projects.

We'd love to hear about your organization and how you currently manage your website and donations. We really believe coreGIVING can save you time and money and let you do more of your core mission.

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