Although coreGIVING is complete, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The platform was made to be easily extendible for building custom features and mission-relevant solutions. Coreware for Non-Profits was developed with the non-technical users in mind. The goal is that configurations, adjustments and additions can be made at the lowest technical level possible, starting with users, then on to administrators, technicians, and finally programmers.

User-level Customizations.

Non-technical users can create and make customizations without having to write code or learn database scripting. Administrators can build pages that would show a list of records from a database table and give search, select, update, insert and delete functions for rows from that table.

Examples of customizations a non-technical user can do:

  • Custom Content Pages
  • Custom Giving Pages
  • Custom Forms
  • Custom Knowledebase Pages
  • Custom Actions and Workflow
  • HTML Email Messages
  • Maintenance Pages with CRUD Capabilities

Less Effort. Saves Development Time.

Coreware for Non-Profits was built to become the core of a full-scale, web-based, donor-management system allowing programmers to only write code that is unique to the system they are building, saving them time writing code. With a modularized code base, the code is kept organized and easy to maintain.

Coreware instinctively draws information that’s already in the system to minimize duplication of effort. When a new database table and maintenance form is created, the framework looks at the database and generates the form fields. The goal is to minimize effort needed to define what is already out there.

Third-Party Integration. Custom API Methods.

The Coreware for Non-Profits API is available to enable users to integrate other technologies into the framework. Besides making API calls to existing API methods, you can easily define new API methods that you need. Custom API methods are managed from a maintenance screen where you can specify the parameters it takes, whether they are required or not, and if it requires login or not. Say you have a mobile app that a third party is building and you want them accessing every method. You would want to define exactly the methods they can and cannot use.

Developer Resources. 

Having a thorough understanding of the structure used by Coreware is essential to being effective in building a system and writing code. The following resources are available for developers:

Coreware Setup Guide - Aids in setup and implementation of the Coreware framework. 

Programming Standards - List of coding standards and best practices for system development with Coreware.

Coreware API Guide - List of all API methods and usage. Instructions to create new methods and specify which methods to use.

Developer Guide - List of common functions, instructions and demonstrations on how to implement new web systems and configurations on how to make it work with the Coreware system.

Admin Guide - Instructions for administrators on how to set up and configure the Coreware system and give proper user permissions.

Need a developer for a project? Got ideas to improve Coreware?

On a case-to-case basis, we accept requests for custom programming. You may send in your requirements to the Coreware admin for review.  Ideas for changes or revisions to the core files can be submitted to the author and if approved, these changes can be made to the core files and updated to all the Coreware installations.

Let us know how we can help.

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