Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coreware?

CoreWare accelerates the development of uniquely powerful websites and business applications. Content management, CRM, task & project management, e-commerce, customer service, and blogging capabilities all come standard. But there’s much more: CoreWare’s flexible architecture enables unlimited creativity, allowing our developers and users to implement advanced new capabilities and imaginative custom solutions.

What is PCI Compliance?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security standards designed to ensure that ALL companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. Coreware meets and exceeds the highest industry standards in payment security. Extensive research was done to have stringent security measures implemented for both the platform and the server it runs on.

Do I need programming skills to build the website?

Users without programming experience can build their website template and content pages with our WYSIWYG editor and drag-and-drop content builder. Those with in-house developers can build their website template and content pages easily and add CSS and Javascript that the pages require to function. Programming skills is required if the page needs to display content from the database.

How do you build a website in Coreware?

Building a website with Coreware begins with creating the template. The template consolidates common parts of a website into one location. Things like the company logo, menus, footer or a sidebar are defined on the template so that it doesn't have to be built for each page. When a new page is created, the content and the part that distinguishes it from other pages, are the only thing that needs to be built.

What payment methods does Coreware support?

Coreware supports payments in Cash, Check, eCheck - ACH/EFT Bank Accounts, Credit Cards and Debit Cards, PayPal, Money Order and Money Transfer and Gift Cards. Users can have multiple payment accounts on file. They can update the credit card or ACH bank account to use for recurring transactions or choose to stop a recurring transaction for the next billing cycle.

Shipping Items with Coreware

What industries does Coreware support?

CoreWare’s customers span a number of industries and share one key characteristic: They are specialists. Some of the industries that Coreware support are: Non-Profits, Delivery and Logistics, Building and Construction and Firearms and Shooting Sports Companies.

Managing Contacts in Coreware

Can I use my own domain name in Coreware?

Yes! Once you go live, you can point your domain to the Coreware server and have your domain name for your website.

Can you host our website?

Yes! With Coreware, your website(s) would be hosted on the cloud which means that there is no need to acquire and maintain your own servers.

Can I add banners to the website?

Yes! The Banner Management module lets you create banner images that you can embed as a gallery or a slider on the site. You can add links to your banners and set them to show for a specific period.

Can I allow customers to use more than one payment method?

Yes! Go to Order > Retail Store Setup > Preferences and find the Only allow one payment setting. By default, the Retail Store allows the customer to enter any number of payment methods for a purchase. Setting this preference changes that and only allows one payment method. This will, however, prevent customers from using a gift card to pay for part of the order and a credit card to pay the rest.

Can I create custom forms in Coreware?

Yes! You can set up a form that submits information and sends notifications. You can create a form that creates a contact record or a form that has a payment block which can process registration fees, application fees or a deposit.

Can I get help setting up and migrating my data?

Yes! We would gladly have a look at your historical data and work out the best way to migrate your contacts, products, and other data.

Can I set a page with exclusive content to be accessible to logged in users?

Security is given by page so on pages that you want to limit access to certain users, you can make them available to logged in users, admins or a specific user group.

Can I upload images, videos or downloadable content in Coreware?

Yes! Images can be uploaded to the Image Library. Images can be organized into albums and embedded to become a gallery on a page or an image slider. Images can be set to automatically compress into a smaller file size to optimize the site loading.

Videos hosted on Youtube, Vimeo and others can be managed from the Media Library allowing you to create and embed videos or playlists on a page.

Files, PDF and other downloadable media can be uploaded to the File Manager and organized into folders.

Can I use a custom login page instead of the default Coreware login for users?

Yes! From the Page Maintenance screen, go to the Security tab and place the link of your custom login page in the Login Script field.

Can I use my existing website layout in Coreware?

Yes! You can build your website from your existing website layout or build a new one from scratch. Our goal is to make every website have its own identity.

Does Coreaware have a blogging feature?

Yes! Coreware includes a full featured blogging module with comment management and notifications.

Does Coreware support other languages?

Yes! A user can change their language in the "My Account" admin program.

How do I set up a merchant services account so I can accept credit card payments?

Sign up for a merchant services account from Axia Payments, Authorize.NET, PayPal, Transnational, USAePay or other services available. We recommend Axia Payments and USAePay. Once you've signed up to these services, go to Orders > Retail Store Setup > Merchant tab and enter the merchant account credentials.