Training Videos

Coreware Training

Adding Products

This video will demonstrate how to add products into Coreware and will explain all the different options that exist when you add new products.

How to Process an Order

This video will show you how to process an order.

Locations and Inventory

Learn how to setup multiple inventory locations and how to receive inventory into each location.

Loyalty Points

This video will show you how to set up loyalty points and how they work in Coreshop.

MAP Pricing

If you are in an industry where all or some of the manufacturers have Minimum Advertising Pricing (MAP) rules then this is the video for you to watch. Coreware offers many options on how to handle MAP pricing and this video will review the multiple different ways that MAP Pricing can be addressed.

Setting Up Featured Products (Tags)

This video demonstrates how to setup featured products using Coreware's built in tag feature. Products can be tagged using multiple tags, and each tag can be set with an optional date range.

Templates, Modules & Pages

This video is for Coreware developers who want to learn more about templates, modules and pages.

Navigating the Backend

Learn how to navigate the backend of Coreware. If you are new to Coreware please watch this video it will assist you in learning how to easily get around the Coreware platform and explore all the options that are available.

Product Taxonomy

Taxonomy is the categorizing of products. This video shows you how to put products into categories, category groups, and departments. It also shows how to set product manufacturers and facets.

Product Pricing

There are many ways to price your products in Coreware, this video will show you the various ways to setup your pricing for products.

Shipping Charges

This video will show you the many different ways that Coreware allows you to charge for shipping.