Accept donations online with PCI compliant web services, by cash or check during live events, or over the phone, all with an integrated set of of donor service programs. coreGIVING meets and exceeds the highest industry standards in payment security. Extensive research was done to have stringent security measures implemented for both the platform and the server it runs on.

More choices for giving.

Donors can donate online and offline. You can accept cash, check, credit cards, wire transfer and even gifts-in-kind. The online giving pages accepts credit cards and ACH bank information. 

Supported payment methods in the system are:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • eCheck - ACH/EFT Bank Accounts
  • Credit Cards and Debit Cards
  • Money Order and Money Transfer
  • PayPal

Secured Donation Processing. Certified.

Implementations have passed audits from a top-level security firm. Each donation passes through multiple layers of security:


Adheres to strict standards of payment security to protect your donors.


Tokenization secures stored payment information.


End-to-End encryption protects payments from potential threats during transit.

One-Time Donations. Recurring Donations.

Donors can make one-time donations without registration or create an account and set up a recurring donation. They can have multiple payment accounts on file. 

Donors can use credit cards or e-Checks on the public giving page and save these payment accounts for reuse. 

They can update the credit card or ACH bank account to use for the recurring transaction, the amount of the donation, and set an end date. They can choose to stop a recurring donation for the next billing cycle.

Which merchant payment gateway is right for you?

Coreware supports Axia Payment, USAePay, Authorize.NET, Paypal and others. coreGIVING works best with Axia Payments and USAePay.

Each merchant payment gateway has a monthly gateway fee and per-transaction fee. coreGIVING does not charge any additional fee on top of the merchant payment fees. 

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