coreGIVING offers great flexibility in setting up your donor options. You can setup your donor profile, forms, giving pages, giving frequency, designations, receipts, and reports. You can set up custom actions and workflow, for instance, add the donor to a mailing list when they donate to a specific designation. The forms can do virtually anything, from simple inquiry forms to full registration and payment forms.

More choices for giving.

Don't just do weekly or monthly - Giving frequency doesn’t have to be just weekly or monthly. It can be on every other week or month, or any interval that is 2 months or less, as merchant gateways treat quarterly or annual giving as "high-risk". 

Re-try failed recurring giving When a recurring giving fails, you can have an email go out to the donor so they can log in, update their payment information, and re-try the failed donation. As an administrator, you will get notified of failed donations and have the ability to manage the failed donation from the backend.

More options for designations.

Designations can have sub-designations or projects linked to it.

You can set up a minimum donation amount and small, preset amounts to encourage donors to give.

Each designation group can have its own email receipt. You can do either printed or email receipts. 

Unlimited giving pages. Customized by designation.

Giving pages can have the bare minimum fields for giving. For instance, you can have a giving page that is hard-wired for one designation, with only the first name, last name, and email address, plus the amount and only the zip code of the billing address. 

Each of your staff can have their own unique giving page, which can include a photo and update, explaining their mission and family goals. 

Unlimited forms. Simple or complex. 

You can set up a form that processes payments as well as discounts. 

A form can have a payment block on them which can be used for registration fees, application fees or a deposit. 

You can set up discount codes or (even free) for pre-registrations or for your staff.

Hire Us. We'll Migrate your data for you.

We would gladly have a look at your historical data and work out the best way to migrate your donors and contacts, donation history, and other data. 

We have done at least one migration from some of the most popular non-profit management systems like GivingFuel and DonorPerfect with no issues. 

Contact us to schedule a meeting.

Need Help Setting Up? We'll help too.

Our implementation specialists would help you set up your organization to get you up and running quickly. 

Fill in the Setup and Implementation Checklist to give us specifics on what and how you want to set up your donor options. 

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