Website design with coreGIVING begin with the template. The template consolidates common parts of a website into one location. Things like the company logo, menus, footer or a sidebar are defined on the template so that it doesn't have to be built for each page. When a new page is created, the content and the part that distinguishes it from other pages, are the only thing that needs to be built.

Why Templates?

Build however you want - You can build your website from your existing website layout or build a new one from scratch. Our goal is to make every website have its own identity. 

Use and reuse - Create the template once, have all the common elements on the template and build every new page with it.

Changes are applied instantly - Change a menu item or sidebar link and the changes would automatically reflect on all the pages.

Design. Build. No Programming Required.

Users without programming experience can build a template and content pages with our WYSIWYG editor and drag-and-drop content builder.

Those with in-house developers can build their website template and content pages easily and add CSS and Javascript that the pages require to function.

Developers would only do some work if the page requires PHP programming or display content from the database.

Responsive. Mobile-ready.

Websites that run coreGIVING are always mobile-friendly so donors can give from their mobile device. Furthermore, you can access your data anywhere on any mobile device.

Hire Us. We'll Design For You. 

We offer web design services for anyone who is looking to have a new website to expand their social impact.

Our designers will provide several template design options that are relevant to your mission and cause.

We welcome your input and would listen to your ideas. Let's turn your vision into a reality.

Need Help Building Content? We'll help too.

Websites usually have several pages that need content. Our implementation specialists would help you build visually-compelling content that would inspire potential givers to join your mission.

Let us know how we can help.

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